How Beneficial Telepsychiatry Is For Mental Health Patient

How Beneficial Telepsychiatry Is For Mental Health Patient

How Beneficial Telepsychiatry Is For Mental Health Patient

Compliance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards is a must if you want to apply for home models of telepsychiatry. Telepsychiatry is a branch of telemedicine that deals in the speciality field of psychiatry.
This is where patients can receive support such as psychiatric assessments and care along with counseling and remedies in remote locations using telecommunications technology such as videoconferencing. Over the years, the field of telepsychiatry and telemedicine has tremendously grown as people are becoming more aware of conveniences brought through technology.
According to a recent study by Med Gadget, the Global Telemedicine Market is valued at $27.04 billion as of 2019 and expected to reach $171.81 billion by 2026. This is a CAGR of over 37.2% over the forecasted period of seven years.
Prominent players in the Global Telemedicine Market include the likes of Boehringer Ingelheim, Ceva, Merk & Co. Inc., and Zoetis, to name a few. Furthermore, the use of telehealth services was 57% back in 2015, which increased to 69% in 2019.
In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways telepsychiatry can prove to be beneficial for mental health patients.

• A Setting that is More Comfortable

There is no doubt that mental health patients need a comforting venue that they can trust and feel at ease. In fact, a lot of us have minute insecurities within ourselves, which we are also not aware of, and a professional psychiatrist can quickly identify them.
With telepsychiatry, you gain the advantage to have a counseling and assessment session right under the roof of your humble abode. You don’t have to experience the inconvenience of facing unknown people or the eyes of strangers. You can sit quietly in a room, open your laptop and let the healing sessions begin.

• Bringing Care to Remote Location

The time used in commutation is a huge factor considering that most Americans abhor waiting in traffic jams and weaving through traffic just to get to their destination. Plus the cost associated with travelling either by public transport or your own convenience also plays a part in making the decision.
Even apart from this, there are those who are also disadvantaged as well as those who reside in remote places that are too far off. Then there are those who can simply not commute on their own and need additional support. So counting all of these factors and taking them into account, telepsychiatry offers a huge benefit that provides professional care and support to remote locations.

• Care Continuity & Ease of Follow-Ups

As technology is progressing and internet penetration is increasing around the globe, medical healthcare services are also deploying technological advances to their benefit. A lot of telemedicine services offer you exquisite customer support along with patient record-keeping that includes medical healthcare data.

Care Continuity & Ease of Follow-Ups

This viable and valuable information is priceless for treatment, and in present times with the introduction of blockchain technologies, medical record-keeping has improved tremendously. This allows patients to have their care regimes continue from where they have been left off and enable professionals to offer easy follow-ups with respect to their health records and specific conditions.

• Defeating Stigma and Fear

A great factor that disheartens patients to seek medical advice and counseling these days is the fear of facing the public. No one wants to readily agree that they have a problem, and it’s only natural that we as people find it extremely hard to trust others with our deepest secrets and most private parts of our lives.
Telepsychiatry puts you in a position of comfort and assures you that no one needs to hear what you have to tell your doctor and whatever you discuss with stay private. In fact, there are applicable laws like HIPAA and others that mandate confidentiality of all patients and their private information.

• Fewer Delays in Care

Another aspect that is noteworthy to mention here is that mental health services can often require patients to visit professional doctors. They might have to wait, and this can cause a list of insecurities to add and pile up.
In some instances, this can also elevate the troubles and problems that individuals are currently facing. On the other hand, telepsychiatry takes away this inconvenient factor and throw it out of the window.
All appointments are mutually scheduled and, in case of emergencies or urgencies, can also be accommodated by rescheduling the appointment according to the convenience of the patient. Hence there is no waiting, and people can receive adequate care on the assigned date and time with mutual consent and confirmation.

• Improved Access to Mental Health

After reviewing some of the aforementioned benefits, it might suggest that telepsychiatry is a major improvement, without a doubt.
Mental health patients are sensitive and need personal attention, which is why providing them with improved access to professional counseling and therapy is a major advantage over more traditional healthcare interventions.

There is no question about the fact that without adequate access to healthcare services, we all are at a greater risk of succumbing to our internal conflicts. Therefore, ease of access to expedient mental health solutions can resolve a lot of issues faced by patients.

• Mitigating Shortage of Professionals

Telepsychiatry provides access to adequate professional help to patients and allows professionals to connect with patients over remote locations and distances. For example, if there is a patient living in Louisville. And they cannot get an appointment with a suitable professional who can help them.

This is where telepsychiatry can become the bridge to help them connect with a renowned, trustworthy, and highly credible mental health expert from another state or even from another country. Likewise, at Crowd Writer UK, technology helps nursing scholars reach outreach professionals in specialized medical education.

• Reduce Trips to Emergency Rooms

Lastly, since telepsychiatry models and approach are quite applicable and provide ease of access to patients, it can also help mitigate emergencies.
Hence with proper care and identification of symptoms and signs, patients can start receiving care in their early stages. Thus they can reach a point where visits to emergency rooms or theaters can be completely avoided, and all problems can be sorted out without even reaching that stage or condition in the first place.


As we move forward and technology becomes more integrated with our everyday lives, the global market for telepsychiatry is projected to grow and expand at a stupendous rate. In recent times when the world has experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations reported a surge in demand for telepsychiatric services and mobilization.
However, the future is still uncertain, and technology has shown us that while it is definitely a boon, it isn’t a panacea. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and hopefully, with the help of progressive technology, we would get there. Right now, we can all cross our finger and hope for the best. Let’s see where the world of tomorrow leads us next. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!

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