6 Easy Habits to Reduce Premature Skin Aging

6 Easy Habits to Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Our habits determine the rate at which we age. There are two kinds of aging at work within our bodies. One is a natural process, known as intrinsic aging. In this process, our body and skin naturally lose out its youthful vigor and energy. It feels drier and rougher, and also has visible wrinkles and lines.

While we cannot control intrinsic aging because it’s genetic, we certainly can fight off premature skin aging. Our eating habits and life choices contribute to a faster rate of premature aging, something that we can willfully prevent. Below, we have compiled a list of easy to adopt habits that keep the specter of premature skin aging at bay.

Fortify Against the Onslaught of Sunlight

Seasoned dermatologists have one essential recommendation: sunlight is the skin’s bitterest foe. Sunlight comprises penetrating UV rays that can damage collagen in the skin. Sunlight also reacts adversely with our natural pigment and causes our skin to burn and tan.

When executing the daily commute, or working outside, it is necessary to fortify the skin against sunlight. You can either seek shade, cover up with protective gear such as a hat, or use a potent sunscreen. Make sure that the sunscreen is in the broader spectrum of sun protection. SPF 30 or higher is recommended.

Stop Smoking Now

Smoking facilitates the promulgation of a wide range of unhealthy conditions. Premature aging and wrinkly skin are one of them. When we smoke, the dense concentration of smoke and toxins deprives our body of moisture and freshness. This phenomenon augments the rate of aging and boosts the formation of wrinkles, and worn-out skin.

Use a Natural Growth-Facilitator

When our skin ages, it loses its tendency to replenish damaged epidermal cells. Using a growth-facilitator such as the HGH Somaderm gel can show miraculous results in this regard.

The HGH Somaderm Gel is packed with growth-hormones that are coherent with biochemical substances within the body. Application on the skin is directly absorbed into the bloodstream without being destroyed in the gut. This game-changer can increase the rate of epidermal cell rejuvenation, and help us visit our twenties. 

Wash Your Face Routinely

Washing your face twice a day is a great habit to fight off premature skin aging. During the day, we are constantly investing labor in the tasks we execute. This causes our skin to sweat profusely, and to accumulate loads of dust and irritants. When we wash our face, we not only sweep away the layer of dust but also wash away harmful irritants and toxins.

Also, make a habit of washing your face rigorously after a profuse sweating session. Perspiration leads to loss of skin moisture, and rehydration becomes necessary.

Do Not Miss Out On Workout Sessions

While exercise is essential to keep us fit, it also plays an integral role in keeping the skin fresh and youthful. Studies have established that exercise helps with the transportive function of our body. Improved circulation keeps the skin well-maintained, and also fortifies the immune system. This leads to more radiant skin that appears fresh and energetic.

Rub Your Skin Gently

This tip sounds very basic, but it is very important to internalize. Most people, when washing their faces, make erratic hand movements. This causes skincare product particles to rub against our skin cells fiercely. Which, in turn, can erode away epidermal cells and damage them, leaving a rougher skin. Gentle scrubbing keeps the skin smoother, and also allows skin vents and pores to open, expunging accumulated dust, and irritants.

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