Should You Consume Dairy Product (calcium) with Stones Kidney?

Should You Consume Dairy Product (calcium) with Stones Kidney?

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Should I take calcium dairy with kidney stones?
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It’s an excellent question. Some studies show that consuming dairy will help you reduce a kidney stone because when you consume it to go through the digestive system and it binds with calcium in your digestive tract, and there’s less binding going on in the kidney through the blood.

Here’s the problem a lot of people have milk allergies to the protein in the milk, casein even sometimes way those are two proteins and a lot of people are sensitive to lactose, the sugar in milk not to mention if you consume milk products from cows consuming grains not to mention even if it was organic it’s still non-GMO or still without pesticides.

However, those cows are still consuming grains you’re going to have higher amounts of omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3 increasing the inflammation.

So if you think about this you have this Cox lit crystal stone, it’s in your kidney, and it’s not smooth it is jagged it’s irritated this is why a lot of people bleed when they have a kidney stone because there are these sharp edges that are tearing the inside the kidney up especially if you’re jogging and then that damage to the filtration unit of the organ starts developing scar tissue.

So now we have a loss of function of the kidney.

If we’re going to add more inflammation to the kidney that would be bad, we want to reduce the inflammation in areas of your body that are damaged.

Now if you were to do butter or better yet ghee which is basically just the fat without any of the protein, this would not be a problem especially if it’s grass-fed and also I think the whole cream is going to be okay too because there’s going to be less casein and fewer things to be allergic to and less lactose.

So we’re just dealing with fat.

If you’re predisposed to getting kidney stone you want to avoid beet tops in peanuts other nuts as well, tea, Chocolate, avocado, I mean think about when you booked oh these are the top foods that you would eat.

So you may have to switch those foods if you tend to get a stone and I think it’s essential to consume foods high in calcium but no dairy unless you are sure you don’t have an allergy and if you’re going to only focus on grass-fed I think that would be fine.

All right, these are the foods that are high in calcium we have seeds we have sardines fish seafood, masago and dark greens so these are going to give you your calcium which will help bind the oxalates in the digestive system so there will be less binding in the kidney itself.

So the goal is to decrease the development and formation of oxalate crystals.

One of the best antidotes for that are citrons helps decrease the formation of the crystals and decreases calcium saturation. Still, you can do various forms of citrus you can do potassium citrate magnesium citrate you can even do calcium citrate. A lot of you may already have my electrolyte powder, and you may not even know this but all of the minerals are in a citrate form.

Calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate.

So that can actually help decrease the risk of the formation of an ox let’s tone foods high in magnesium that’s all the dark leafy greens, and this is an excellent remedy hydroxycitric.

This is an important one, especially if you had a stone and you want to prevent another gem.

His will help dissolve it and lastly a lot of lemon juice. I mean when you do the ketogenic diet, and you’re drinking fluids it’s essential to add lemon at least every day to that water it doesn’t even have to be fresh lemon it can be in a jar it’s already pasteurized because you’re just getting the citrus from that which will actually decrease the formation of oxalate stones.

Now if you happen to have a stone and it’s trying to pass, or it’s irritating you, and you have a cramp in your on the right side I’m going to recommend if you don’t have this start drinking a lot of lemon juice, or a lot of citrate sweater potassium citrate or magnesium citrate.

If you consume a lot, you can down a lot of this and drink a lot of water that will help to flush that out and decrease the severity of the pain alright.

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