What are the advantages of Google Adwords

What are the advantages of Google Adwords

Digital Marketing is the versatile and efficient marketing platform that provides every business and organizations with endless opportunities. Social media, SEO, E-mail marketing etc. are among many services that include inside the wide umbrella of digital marketing. Similarly, Google search and display advertisement are also among the most popular online marketing services today. To run Google ads, we need to know about Google Adwords. And that’s exactly what we will do before looking at it benefits.

Google Adwords

All the advertisement that one carries out in Google and its platforms are conducted through Google Adwords. In addition, Google Adwords can simply be known as a platform through which the marketers will be able to advertise in all of Google’s networks.
Also, we all know that almost all people who search in the internet use Google. Therefore, it only makes sense to run ads there. Similarly, there are two discrete type of ads that can be run on Google’s networks. They are search ads and display ads.

Search Ads

These ads are the one which pops up in the search engine results. Generally, search ads are just text-based ads that leads to the advertiser’s product page or website. Similarly, they can be differentiated from the natural results in search engines as they appear with an ‘Ad’ tag. Even though search ads are mostly just texts, we can add extensions make them stand out from the rest. Also, they can really work wonders if it is viewed to searchers who are looking for similar products.

Display Ads

Many might not know about display ads, but there are other types of Google ads apart from just search ads. Display advertisement is the type of Google ads that you see while visiting any websites in the net. Advertisers can get creative and run any sort of attractive graphical content for various parts of a website such as banners, pictures, etc. The main use of display ads is remarketing phase. This is because display campaigns will helps to make an impression on previous visitors and takes them a step closer to purchasing.

Advantages of Google Adwords

Fast Results

This might be the most prominent reason as to why advertisers choose Google marketing in the first place. Of course, SEO will help to build the base of a website and gradually even take it to the top of search results. However, it requires lots of time and effort. On the other hand, by using Google Adwords, businesses can get the visibility instantly that would have taken months from SEO works. Also, we all know that everyone wants quick results today. Similarly Google Adwords delivers nothing but fast results.

Brand Awareness

One simply cannot imagine what a huge impact Google ads has in terms of their visibility and awareness. Also, we should remember that an impression won’t just be made among random audience, but among interested people. That is because only interested people will search and see the ads that a business might have run in Google. Also, most of the payment process in Google promotions is based on pay-per-click (PPC) method. So, most of the branding will be done in free as money will be cut only if people click on the ads.

Retargeting Feature

Google also allows the marketers to track the visitors of their websites. This is a big boost as it gives opportunity for marketers to put their products in front of an audience who have shown some interest. For retargeting, one will first have to insert a code in their website. After that, all the details of the visitors and their actions can be recorded. Similarly, marketers can then implement display ads while retargeting the previous visitors and make them take action with attractive visuals, messages and posts.

Highly Targeted Ads

Adwords presents marketers an opportunity to set up and run ads according to the way they want. The ads and promotions can be specifically customized. From its user demographics to placements, each and every detail can be set according to the need. Hence, if run properly, Google ads will reach the right audience and give great profits.

Measure and Optimize performance

Just like in most digital marketing techniques, Google Adwords has also offered the advertisers a way to view, analyze and utilize the data. Through Google Adwords, we won’t just be able to run the different types of ads on Google’s vast network. In addition, the marketers will also be able to see each and every specific detail about how their ad is actually performing.

The data and stats will be of no use if we cannot take advantage of it. Similarly, Adwords also allows us to make changes in the ads after seeing the data. This flexibility helps advertisers to run super effective ads. Also, great knowledge and insights can be got on how to improve one’s future campaigns after viewing the stats.

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