Things to Consider before buying Blue Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Things to Consider before buying Blue Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Brown eye colour is probably the most under-appreciated eye color in the whole world. Even though it is extremely beautiful, people do prefer having light coloured eyes, most especially blue. Since blue eye colour is considered as one of the most beautiful eye colours in the world, a vast majority of people are attracted to blue eye lenses. In the optics world, there is an unimaginably vast variety when it comes to the colours and kinds of contact lenses and normal lenses. While contact lenses have made life easier for people with weak eyesight or any sort of eye disorders, they are also one of the most used assets in terms of fashion and style. Coloured contact lenses can help you look exactly the way you want to look and pull off any look that you want to. They also come in handy at costume parties or occasions like Halloween.

Contact lenses are so widely used because of their many advantages over glasses. They provide a much better focus than glasses and provide you with a comfort of being carefree and enjoying every moment of your life. Furthermore, they do not get wet or foggy on a rainy day leaving you blind and craving for a better vision.

Some tips for using contact lenses

Although there are various things that you need to keep in mind while using contacts, there is not much to worry about. A little negligence while handling contact lenses can go a long way and cause a lot of harm to your eyes. It is important that one does not go near fire or anything that could melt or damage the contact lenses in one’s eyes. Before inserting your contact lenses, wash and rinse your hands thoroughly with water and a bar of good disinfectant soap. Wait a few seconds after inserting the lens in your eye. Blink a few times to adjust it over your iris properly, so it does not slide and focuses well. Wash your hands before taking them out as well. Pinch slightly on the lens to take it out of your eye. Always keep it in its saline solution and do not forget to change this solution every now and then. All bottles containing saline solutions should be kept closed and not used after their expiration date.

It is also advised to never share your contact lenses or let anyone else use them, because this may promote exchange of germs or bacteria which would cause eye irritation or infections. Never let soap meet your lenses. It is recommended to not use hair sprays or any other aerosol products after inserting contact lenses as to prevent irritation.

Choosing the right colour of contact lenses for brown eyes

Different colours of contact lenses look good with different eye colours, skin tones and even your hair. It is very important to know which colour would look best with your personality. For example, if you have very dark eyes you should choose from opaque coloured lenses since the others would not do the trick for you. But in the end, the only factor that really matters is how you want to look. Subtle and dreamy, or bold and ferocious. If you want to opt for a look that is both dreamy and dramatic, you might want to opt for opaque lenses. For dark eyed people opaque lenses work best as they conceal the nature eye colour completely while giving the person new eyes. Blue lenses on brown eyes look gorgeous and make you stand out from the crowd. On top of that, if you have a dark complexion you could create a look that is breath-taking! People with brown eyes seem to opt for blue coloured lenses a lot because not only do they look extremely attractive but also, they seem to give off a cooling effect. Blue, sapphire blue, aquamarine, torquoise, pacific blue, teal blue, all these colours look amazing on brown or dark brown eyes.

Blue contacts have always been in demand since the beginning of modern optic era. The biggest and the best of celebrities use blue contact lenses to look prettier and complete their makeovers. FRIENDS sweetheart Jennifer Aniston has also been reported to use blue contact lenses frequently while supermodels Kylie and Kendall Jenner also seem to love them. Other than that, there are countless other names in the Hollywood industry that use contact lens to feel beautiful and confident, some of which are Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Amber Rose, Ivanka Trump etc.

Makeovers that will compliment your new blue eyes!

To compliment the intensity and vibrance of blue eyes, it’s better to use warm skin and orange tones. A matte brown, champagne or bronze eyeshadow would also make the blue pop out even more. As far as the lips are concerned, a warm pinky or peachy tone looks very good with blue eyes. For more formal occasions, you might even go for a red lip which never disappoints. Icy blonde or chocolate brown shades of hair go best with blue eye colour so you might as well get those too, in order to achieve your absolute perfect blue-eyed look!

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