The History of Polo Sports Shirts and Much More

The History of Polo Sports Shirts and Much More

One of the most essential wardrobe staples is a polo shirt. Polo shirts are used by men and women worldwide. They are optimal pieces of clothing for both, sport and casual wear. A polo shirt, such as Jerzees 437 can help men or women look more appealing than they may look in a tee.

The Unforgettable History of Polo Shirts:

In the beginning, polo shirts were made for the comfort of polo players and other athletes. Initially, they came in a short sleeve version. They gained acceptance in the 1930s when Rene Lacoste got rid of the long sleeve version of the traditional polo shirts and applied buttons to them only part-way down. In the beginning of the twentieth century, polo shorts had gone through a great revolution, thus they are available nowadays in a short-sleeve version. You may presumably remember the “alligator logo” of the Lacoste brand, it is because Rene Lacoste placed it on his shirts to mention the lengthier back (tail) of his shirts. Lewis Lacey, the Argentinian player picked a different emblem for his polo that was a “polo player”, so that is how the polo shirts came into existence. The polo players found the new shirt layout for polo very comfy than the traditional polo shirts. The polo shirts went through button and collar changes, and they were made from a nicer and softer material. These days, polo sports shirts are essential wardrobe staples for both, men and women.

Polo shirts in Fashion:

Do you have any clues: How did polo shirts become a necessary fashion item? In year 1972, Ralph Lauren embraced polo shirts in a fashion line and named them polos. In advanced offices, it is very common to have a casual dress day, and a polo shirt is an ideal option for men or women to relish such a day in their offices. Polo shirts are the best articles of clothing if you compare them with the t-shirts. They come with a collar & buttons, and they are a result of a thicker knitted materials. They are available online for different prices depending on their quality. So men or women can try on distinct kind of polo shirts to make a fashion statement to people in their social circle. If you shop for a polo shirt like Jerzees 437 online, then you may be able to get your hands on such a polo for a price as low as $6.0. Many fashion enthusiasts are after polo shirts, as they are affordable for plausible prices online.

Polo Shirts and Athletes:

The polo shirts have become a choice of athletes for good reasons. First and foremost, they provide the flexibility in movements; for this reason, you will uncover numerous golfers, tennis stars, and polo players wearing a polo sports shirt. Furthermore, polo shorts aid the athletes to look smart when they are out on the field, thus they are a favorite choice among athletes.

Why Polo Shirts?

Why are people after polo shirts while there are other shirts too? Let us answer this question in bullet points:

• Polo shirts are a comfy piece of clothing, so wearers feel relaxed while wearing polo sports shirts.

• The athletes can move with expediency by wearing a polo shirt; this is also the reason behind the acceptance of polo shirts.

• Polo shirts are the best as casual or semi-formal wear, so men or women can wear polo shirts to show up at casual events or semi-formal meetings.

• Polo shirts are highly attractive pieces of clothing, thus many fashion enthusiasts are after them desperately.

• Due to the heavy demand for polo shirts, they are available online at convincing prices.

Polo Shirts and Business Owners:

There are different reasons that motivate the business owners to show an interest in the sales of a polo sports shirts. In the first place, polo shirts are high in demand, thus business owners know that they will be sold in large quantities; thus they sell them. Secondly, business owners get extra-ordinary profits on the sales of polo shirts. Lastly, business owners get polo shirts for a very low price from the suppliers; as they buy polo from them in bulk quantity that help them to earn huge RoI (Return on Investment); as they sell polo shirts to the buyers after setting their marginal profits.

Last But Not Least…

A polo shirt is an article of clothing that one can easily find in the wardrobes of men or women. There is a long history associated with the rise of polo shirts. The athletes want to move freely on the field, so they opt for polo sports shirts. These days, business owners have started to show an interest in the sales of polo shirts owing to the profitability of polo sports shirts. Lastly, a polo shirt like Jerzees 437 has become an alternative for many men and women for good reasons.

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