Digital visiting cards for business – should I get it?

Digital visiting cards for business – should I get it?

The ongoing pandemic is one of the most tragic happenings of the entire history of mankind. While there is no sign of when the reigns can be tamed over the Corona Virus, there are signals that it will have a huge impact on the entire world in all spheres for a long time to come. The business realm is not exempted either. We all know how badly the business organizations have been struck due to the global lockdown. Business meetings at the golf clubs, restaurants, and cafeterias have been clubbed down to Skype, Zoom, and WebEx. This is one of the prime reasons why you should consider digital business cards.

Is it the age of digitization?

Well, to be frank, and clear, the age of digitization has struck us a long time back and it is time to sweep out the remaining areas where the gaps existed. One such limitation to business was sharing business cards without meeting them physically. Clicking an image of the existing card and sharing it over messenger is not a professional approach at all. Getting your own free digital visiting card is not that tough a job now. What’s more? It adds the perfect tinge of professionalism you may miss due to the pandemic issues.

Why consider digital visiting cards?

Let’s face it. Business meets are going to be limited to video conference calls for a long time. Even if you do go for a face to face meeting for an important discussion with a new client, you cannot simply offer him or her business card right away amidst these times. That is not only dangerous while the entire world is spreading awareness on social distancing but also can make the client vigilant. Who would really want that during such an important business meet? What these digital visiting cards do is that simply share a link to your business card made digital and they can directly download it to their device. No more tension of sanitizing hands, cards, or threats of spreading the virus. Getting digital cards is no more a fashion that can make you look trendy but a necessity that is crucial for the long time sustainability of your business.

Choosing a digital visiting card maker

A lot of businesses may come up to offer this service across the globe. It can thus turn confusing for someone who is new to this idea and is just looking for options to go through. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help anyone to get hold of the best option that is available to them. Below mentioned are a few ones:

  • Google out all the options: The best way to get a list of reputed digital visiting card makers is to Google it out and check out the reviews posted. While a lot of businesses can have fake reviews, you can understand it when you read and you already know which ones to avoid.
  • Search for their website: Most of the reputed ones will also have a website for their business. Make sure you visit the website and check out their client base. It can give you a fair idea of who is working with them and whom you are going to hire for your services.
  • Ask for peer reviews: A lot of businesses have already digitized their business cards and are sharing them with their clients very easily. You can ask them for references or check out how the cards are working for them. They can even share a few contacts that they dug into for their business. You can easily get in touch with them and request for quotations.
  • Ask them to share their own card: Someone who is really good at something will make the best for themselves. You can directly ask for their digital business card and get an idea of what exactly they can do. You can even ask for a few samples of digital business cards they have prepared for a few of their other clients. It can also help you to choose one design out of the multiple options you may like or dislike.
  • Add on your own designs: Remember, it is ultimately your business and your brand must be well reflected in your business card. Your chosen provider may come up with a few designs based on your logo and contents but don’t be shy to add on your own designs. You can suggest a few changes that you may like and they can prepare a sample just to get approved before preparing.

Now that you have got a rough idea of what exactly the digital business cards are and how it can help you in your business, you can start exploring the options on the web. A few of the digital business card makers even offer an online portal for you to try out free templates so that you can adjust all the features you need and fill in the colors digitally as you want. Some digital cards can even have a direct call or text link to your address. You can even ask your card maker if they can add this feature to your card and customize it even more. Gone are the days of the handshake and sharing paper business cards, let’s digitize and get digital business cards.

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