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Regardless of age, puzzle games will always remain as one of the best games to kills time and enhance the power of the brain to recognize and analyze words, numbers and images. They come in variations, such as block puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, word puzzle, number puzzle, and so much more. There are numerous choices to test and train your brain. You will never know that you are already hooked to playing more games. Kill some of your time now and become more productive.

It’s not just about your brain but also your good eye coordination. Take the puzzle RPG games for instance. You can stimulate your brain and your eyes for as long as you want because there are very much addicting. Keep your eyes open and tickle your brain when you find the perfect category and the right puzzle to play while traveling to work or when you get bored. Here are some of the puzzle games that are well recommended for improving your memory, response time, and logical skill.


Who is not familiar of this number placing game? For years, it has been a staple of newspapers until they became available in a book with a collection of puzzles in different levels. Later, they can be downloaded in the app store and can even be played on your desktop. Is short-term memory a problem to you? Play more Sudoku puzzles that enable you to think ahead and follow consequences in order to correctly place numbers 1-9 horizontally, vertically and inside a 3×3 cells within the 9×9 grid. Carefully plan every placement of these numbers to avoid any duplicate. Start with the easy games until such time that you have already mastered the rules and move on to slightly difficult puzzles.


These are a classic brain trainer that was also first made available in newspapers and magazines. Help improve your verbal language and memory from every dimension of knowledge doing different crossword puzzles from time to time. Find a book of crossword puzzles that is specifically suited for your interests and skill level. Thanks to technology, you can access them online or download on your devices so you can play them at your own convenience with difference options.


Another fantastic tool to engage with short-term memory is a jigsaw puzzle. Your brain deals with different colors, shapes and images that you need to sort out and assemble to create a visual picture. Start will lesser pieces and increase the numbers as your train your brain to work harder and better for exciting rewards. Try it on your device so you can easily click different pieces to their rightful place and see how your concentration has improved over time. Choose your puzzle from different categories and with varying levels and see how fast you can finish or if you get bored so you may might to try another one.


Almost anyone has played variations of concentration game since childhood. You need a deck of cards that is well-shuffled. Place each card in 4 rows with 13 cards in each row. Each player should take turn to turn over two cards that should actually match. If the cards match, the player will pick up the matching cards and keep them. Otherwise, the player will turn back the cards to their original place. To make a more engaging concentration game, might as well try the spaghetti version where you place cards in a messier arrangement. This way, it will be more difficult to locate each card and find their pair. Find an app that you can download on your device. You may notice that it is also a bit difficult if you play against the computer.


Get a puzzle device that will give you a picture representation of a name, word, or phrase. Each puzzle may include individual letters, numbers, pictures or symbols that will depict the name, word or phrase. A good knowledge of clichés and expressions can help you solve different puzzles. You should not always rely on implied or context clues but it helps to think outside the box. This is not your conventional game of sentences, phrases or words.

The brain is a very complicated machine. It is an organic storage device that can retain lots and lots of information. However, retrieving stored knowledge is a different matter. Give yourself a workout and have some fun as well for your mental focus and fitness. Sharpen your mind with online puzzle games to enhance both your short-term and long-term memory, whether you prefer letters, numbers, words, phrases or even images. Challenge and train your brain, as well as your eyes, to remain sharp as much as possible regardless of your age.

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