Cabin Rentals Are Far Better Than Hotels for Your North Georgia Experience

Cabin Rentals Are Far Better Than Hotels for Your North Georgia Experience


Many people who take vacations book a hotel room. They do not know much about freedoms they can enjoy at a private log home. The hotels serve many guests and during the summers the occupancy rates are high. The guests get noisy and the place gets crammed. Staying at an overcrowded hotel may cause anxiety and you will surely not have a relaxing vacation.

Comparatively, when you stay in a log cabin you are always away from others and on your own. Guests get all the privacy they need, and no one has to wake up early in the morning for breakfast. You also do not have to leave the room for the maids to clean. The cabin management company takes good care of all guests. Even pets get a warm welcome. At hotels, this type of bespoke service is not offered.

Most vacationers hate hotels due to the limited space. Rooms are small and if you are vacationing with family you get separated. In a cabin, all can stay under the same roof. Doing your laundry and cooking meals are easy in a cabin home. These vacation rental properties have all that you may need to make the stay comfy. Find all the latest home comforts in the log cabin of your choice. If you are planning a North Georgia experience, think of staying in Blue Ridge or Ellijay. These twin towns will keep you very busy throughout your trip.

For the North Georgia experience, book the water fronting cabin or one that lends mountain views. The Blue Ridge Mountains are very glorious, and you will enjoy the 360-degree views from your cabin deck. Your furry friends can stay with you on the gated decks while you rest and relax on your vacation. All cabin rentals offer your dogs a bed, water bowl, food bowl, beach towel, and treats. Some log homes have a fenced yard where your doggies can run around freely and enjoy the best of nature. 

Stay in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere hidden away from the humdrum of city life. There are no busy roads or highways near the cabin rentals. Some are situated deep inside the woods. The natural surroundings of your log home are sure to please you. If you are a nature lover, you are sure to spend a lot of time outdoors. Go hiking with the dogs or fishing in the rivers and lakes of the scenic area. A two-hour boating trip on Blue Ridge River will prove to be a very relaxing experience. The youngsters have a spirit of adventure. They will like the Ellijay River for its water sports. Try white water rafting, and zip-lining through the forest for an adrenaline boost.

Ellijay River Outfitters allows you to check out the lovely waters of the Cartecay River that goes through the mountains in Ellijay. It is fun to go tubing and kayaking down the river. Plan to spend a good few hours there. For a lazy ride rent a tube and for a good fight with the waves the kayaks are the choice. With the rental, you will get all the required gear including life jackets. It is convenient to use the shuttle service to the river. Cartecay River is also great for trout fishing. Get a license to fish for trout before you plan your fishing trip.

At the Cartecay River Experience, you will find friendly staff and a fun-filled atmosphere. Here too you will get all the safety equipment along with the rental. The kayaks and canoes are only $28 while the tubes are $13. This is also a great spot for planning events. Why not have your kid’s birthday party or celebrate your wedding anniversary there?

The good thing about renting a cabin on the banks of Ellijay River is that you will not need a license to fish. The properties are private, and the law does not require you to have a fishing license before you drop your bait. There are many cabins in Ellijay that let you enjoy the water views and swim in the cool and clear waters of the Ellijay River. There are also fire-pits that you can use to cook the fresh catch. The streams, lakes, and rivers of the area are kept well stocked with fish, so you are sure to find good luck at fishing.

After an adventurous time, you may want to go out to explore more of the attraction of the area or go back to the log cabin to rest for a while. The log homes are located near several attractions and it is a good idea to make an itinerary so you can get the most out of the trip. Kids can learn more about the history of the area by visiting the local museums. The petting zoos and the apple picking festivals are sure to amaze them. They can pet llamas, goats, cattle, and ponies as much as they like.

Riverside Retreat is a beautifully decorated 3-bedroom cabin with all the latest home comforts you can think of. It is an ideal family getaway located at the banks of River Ellijay. It offers a tranquil atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

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