Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for BFF in Patna

Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for BFF in Patna

Woohoo! It’s time for your BFF’s birthday. Your BFF is the one that has been through your ups and downs and has never stopped believing in you. They have always celebrated your birthday with utmost joy and have left you surprised on many occasions. Well, now it’s finally your time to celebrate their special day with proper planning. If you are in Patna and want to make the BFF’s birthday party a hit, then we are here to help you plan the best birthday party for your BFF. They will surely be surprised with your thoughtful and perfect planning. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the planning!

Decide the Guests and Send Invitations

This depends upon that whether you want to conduct a grand birthday party or a small one with close friends. Once you have decided whom you want to invite, make sure that you send them proper invitations with all the details like venue, time, dress code, etc. You can send digital invitations to them. Plan it all secretly if you want to keep it a surprise.

Choose the Venue

According to the number of guests, you can choose the venue. Either you can arrange the surprise party in some restaurant in Patna like Mainland China, Bansi Vihar, Biryani Mahal, 17 Degrees, etc. or you can visit some places nearby in Rishikesh to double the celebrations. You can also arrange a backyard birthday party at some farmhouse or can book a resort. There are so many options to celebrate the birthday when you are in Patna!

Get the Best Cake

The cake is the most important part of the celebrations and your BFF deserves the best birthday cake. As you know him/her very well, you can get their favourite flavoured designer cake or photo cake. You can avail online cake delivery in Patna directly at the venue to surprise them with a delectable cake.

Choose the Food Menu

Well, this depends upon your BFF’s taste preferences. If they are into Italian, then arrange the food according to that or you can go with the safe choice of North Indian food. As for the drinks, it’s all about the budget that you are trying to maintain. Get some mocktails, beer cans, or soft drinks accordingly.

Arrange Some Funny Games

Funny games are a must to double the joy and to make the party a memorable one. Arrange some games just like you used to do in childhood birthday parties. Make the proper arrangements at the venue for the games and choose some interactive games so that all the friends take part.

So, this was the guide to plan your BFF’s birthday party in Patna. Make sure that you get an amazing gift for them as well. You should buy the birthday gift for them in advance from an online gifting portal. Go for something personalised to make them the happiest. Also, you can send a cake at their doorstep at midnight to kick off the surprise birthday celebrations right when they turn a year older!

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