Custom Vape Boxes

How to choose the right vape boxes in the USA for shipping purpose

Custom Vape Boxes

Delivering the vape cartridges to the vape smokers in perfect condition and with preserved flavors is substantial. Custom vape cartridge packaging is a must availed solution to provide the best experience to customers. Packaging material gains vital importance in this regard, and highly sturdy materials are chosen to manufacture them.

• High Quality Materials for Vape box Packaging:

Brands have a choice of materials to use between corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, and bux board. They are made resistant to all types of harm by increasing their thickness level. Meanwhile, various customization strategies are utilized to personalize them and to increases the product display. A custom window cut-out is incorporated at their front wall for a clear look.

• Various Finishing on Printed Vape boxes:

Apart from it, other utilized techniques are embossing, foiling, scoring, and different gluing types. All the product information is displayed engagingly with modern printing technologies that support the CMYK color schemes. Gloss, matte, UV coatings, and varnish also give them a sleek look.

Factor to be Consider for Choosing Right Vape Packaging Boxes

The use of vape cartridges has been increased a lot all over the USA and other countries in recent years as it has come up as the best solution to quit smoking. However, they are very delicate, and the brand needs to choose the vape cartridge packaging wisely for their maximum protection. Choosing the right packaging will enhance their reputation as well in the market. Here are some factors to consider while choosing it.

1: Get compression-resistant packaging

One of the biggest threats that these fragile vaping cartridges have to face is compression. These cartridges are quite popular all over the USA, so vape boxes in USA are designed safe for shipping. All types of transportation means are utilized for their shipping to far situated states, including aerial and ground shipping.
Compression over these fragile products is the same in both of these methods. So brands should give special attention to the resistance of packaging against the weight applied over them. Therefore, durable materials are used in them that should not get tilt or harmed in any other way. Underneath products have to bear more weight during stacking of the products in warehouses or shipping. Therefore, durable materials usage keeps the packaging in perfect shape that enhances the trust of buyers.

2: Ensure quality preservation

Vape cartridges include a special flavored juice that creates smoke. This juice is highly sensitive and is liable to provide the best experience to vaping lovers. Brands should get the vape boxes that keep this juice protected from changing environmental conditions. Conditions that affect the quality of this juice are the increased temperature.
There is a possibility that sensitive cannabinoids elements could get excited even before the combustion process during their usage. So, a box with an enhanced thickness level of walls is used to resist this increased temperature. It also aids the buyers in preserving these vapes for longer durations. They can keep their vapes safe in them after usage. The durability and thickness of the materials also enhance the lifetime of packaging. So, give special attention to this aspect.

3: Use safety inserts

It is necessary to consider all types of influencing harms while you are getting the custom vape packaging for shipping purposes. Apart from the compression and temperature variation, another aspect that can damage these products is shakes and compression. Vape cartridges are pretty sensitive, and glass is extensively used in them. The juice part is made visible specifically by adding the glass protection.
It is used so that people could see the juice level and can refill them accordingly. Utilizing safety inserts like foam can protect these items from getting damaged from the vibrations and shakes at transportation means. These foam inserts benefit multiple purposes like enhancing the presentation of these products. Moreover, these foam inserts also protect them from getting scratches.

4: Get a perfect size box

An aspect that is essential to consider while getting vape boxes in USA is their size. A standard size box is unable to fit the measurements of these items as every firm introduces the different designs of vapes. These multiple designs also vary in size and dimensions. There are vital chances that products will move freely in a box larger than the actual size of the product.
It can result in damage to the products and will also not create a good impression on the customers. Therefore, get them manufactured exactly according to the dimension of the real products. You can expand the size accordingly in case if you are shipping the extra batteries and juices along. Utilize custom dividers to keep these multiple product elements separate to avoid collision.

5: Introduce safe closure methods

Closure methods have vital importance in the safety of the products. A loose closure method can result in damage to the products. There are several different types of closure methods that brands can introduce in the vape boxes. First of all, work on the unboxing aspect and get it done according to the standards. Gluing also has vital importance in this aspect.
Utilize strong adhesives that would not lose their strength on getting exposed to the humid environment. Apart from this safety aspect, it also enhances the buying experience of the customers. They get to engage with the products more interestingly.

6: Print essential safety guidelines

Everyone is not aware of the safety procedures of these fragile products. So, it is essential to guide people about the ways to carry the products safely through custom vape packaging. Therefore, brands need to get a printable material to print all the essential details over their surface.
Printing information about the temperature required for storage and all other such guidelines will aid everyone in keeping them safe. Brands can also display other essential information about their vaping products to provide ease in making purchase decisions. Taking such measures influences the customers and enhances the reputation of companies in the market.


These were the essential factors to look for while choosing the vape cartridge packaging. Safe and secure shipping is essential for companies to build their professional image among the buyers. They will certainly prefer such a firm with all these measures, and hence they will be no claims for the damaged products.

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