The Ingredients to Avoid In Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin

The Ingredients to Avoid In Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin

Are you worried about what ingredients are present in store-bought dog shampoo for dry skin? You should be. Like humans, your dog also has sensitive skin that needs precaution and care. Whenever you are shopping for dog shampoo, make sure that they don’t have the ingredients mentioned below. This guide will help you understand how these chemicals are dangerous for your pet’s skin.


If you come across the name of the fragrance on the product, keep it back in an instant. Usually, when mentioned in the list, it’s a misleading term for chemicals like Phthalates. This chemical is known to aggravate hormonal imbalance in dogs. Even if you are shopping for dog wipes, avoid this ingredient. But, there is one exception in which you can buy such shampoos. If the source of the fragrance is mentioned, then you can get it for your furry friend.

Cocomide Dea

Although this ingredient is made from coconut, you should avoid it for your pet. Why so? To make this ingredient, the coconut is processed harshly. This processing of coconut is so extensive that all the healing properties are damaged from the product. It also can become a cancer-causing agent. Furthermore, this ingredient can also cause hormonal imbalance and tends to damage the organs of your pet dog.

Mineral Oils

This seems like an unusual mention, but there’s a reason that it has made it on the list. Although many people know mineral oils for moisturizing properties, but they can damage the dog’s skin, and here’s why. This ingredient is a by-product of distilled gasoline. It causes an impassable layer over the skin that prevents and blocks the skin from releasing toxins. In short, you can say that the mineral oils keep everything locked up within the skin. Make sure the dog shampoo and the pet wipes you buy are free of this ingredient.

Paraben Preservatives

When paraben gets in contact with the dog’s skin, it can create a hormonal imbalance. The dangerous thing is that you won’t see the results right away. So your dog might seem okay at first, but the effect will start to kick in later on which is harmful. As a side-effect, the dog will start to see physiological problems. Check the current dog shampoo you bought for the pup’s dry, itchy skin to see if it has paraben. If yes, then throw away the product immediately, and make an appointment with a vet. It will help to figure out if the effect of this harmful chemical has kicked in yet or not.

Formaldehyde Preservative

Now, you may not see this ingredient on the list with the exact term, so look for the following:

  • Bronopol
  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
  • Quaternium

If any of these are mentioned in the list, then they have formaldehyde preservatives in them. They are dangerous for the dog because they cause itchiness, blistering, and skin scaling. So stay away from the product with these chemicals.

Be careful which product you buy for your dog’s skin. Realizing the sensitivity of the issue, IVS Pet has come up with dog shampoo for dry skin that has natural products to protect your pup’s skin.

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