Who doesn’t adore orchids? They have been always our companions in the time of expressing different emotions but if you are like me then the world of orchids can get a little perplexing for you as well, as we have so many colours and each colour is known for a different meaning. It would be a disaster if wrong meaning got conveyed through any of the bouquets that you are presenting. Well, to save the day we have a blog containing all the meanings and symbolisms of every colour and some tips for you being the plant parent as well. You can also share these tips if you are opting for a flower delivery in Ghaziabad.

These orchids make amazing house plants and are known to grow on every continent except Antarctica. They also are the largest family of flowering plants with approximately 25,000 species and over 100,000 varieties. Well, you don’t have to worry as they are plenty for you to convey your messages.

You must be wondering what do the orchids mean?

Well, they have known to be the representers of love, beauty, charm, fertility and luxury.


Well, orchids are known to bloom in every shape and size but they have their own story as well. The history says that they have been cultivated in China for more than 3,000 years but when the voyagers went on voyages towards the east via the sea routes, they bought the orchids to Europe in 16000 and soon the orchids took over the whole world.

Well, it is really hard to resist the beauty of the orchids, you can always order orchids from us as we have the best florist in patna.

Soon in 1856, various experimentations were being conducted and the hybrids for orchids were made. These hybrids increased sales and were available in many colours.

Here are a few colours of orchids and their meanings:


Blue has always been the world’s most favourite colour and in the orchid world, blue is known to symbolize rarity.


Pink is connected to stereotypical femininity but how can we ignore that this colour also represents adoration, affection and admiration, this is perfect to convey the messages of “I admire you”.


These orchids are known with their connection to passion, desire, courage and strength. Wish your lover a long-lasting bond this anniversary with this orchid.


The white is a symbol of purity, innocence and humility and is also known to symbolize respect towards the other person. If you know someone who inspires you to be a better person then this bouquet is just perfect.


Orange is all about the pride, boldness and enthusiasm.


Yellow is just one colour which summaries all the positivity in itself. Yellow orchids, on the other hand, are known to symbolize friendship, a new beginning and the joy that is there in a person’s life.


This colour is all about royalty, dignity and respect. You can always treat your loved ones with a royal treat and believe me occasion does not matter here. 


  • In feng shui, orchids are considered to bring good luck and good fortune when it comes to love. Gift them an orchid now!


  • Orchid is one plant that requires minimal care and can survive in shade as well but most people confuse this with not letting the plant sit in the sun even for some time. The fact that you have to care about the most is that your orchid gets indirect sunlight which can be done through the glasshouses and the shade cloth.


  • Orchids are also used to manufacture perfumes.


  • The beans which are found in the vanilla orchids are used to make soft drink, ice cream and the cakes.
  • They are considered for their excellent herbal remedies. They have been known to cure coughs and colds in no time. Although you must always consider your doctor before trying anything,

Orchid is just one plant which is irresistible and so is the message conveyed with it. You can always add teddy bears, baskets of fruits and chocolates with the orchids and gift them to your loved ones. These flowers know how to add the sir of grace and elegance in any situation and are perfect in giving the messages of well-wishing for a person.

If you are planning to put orchids as the centrepiece on your table then they will look perfect when they are paired with other flowers. This is the reason orchids are considered masterpieces of nature.

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